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cases of intestinal obstruction following one hundred and thirty two C Bli

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The Committee of the Clinical Society of London ap

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ual Treatment gives more prominence to the manipulations of the opera

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Turpeth mineral is a heavy bright yellow powder of an acrid taste and

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type the others. Table gives the results of absorption with the serum

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liable and founded on experience concerning the treatment of a dis

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these absurd and visionary paranoical conceptions of his to contend with

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crease in the amount of indican at all but otherwise

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less white powder insoluble in water. Has been used externally

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A feature of amyloid disease of the intestines requiring special mention

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fore to be dropped when discovery was made of the actual presence of

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of Seattle Washington Territory formerly Mayor of that

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rotid and the ophthalmic vein empties itself into the cavernous sinus of

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denly and were painful and very tender to the touch. At

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less in almost all cases it is distinctly present. It is therefore

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deals with this phase o the subject which was reported

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the left another in the dorsal region to the right and a

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presented the appearance of a cut or rent along the margin of the

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the blood showed the same characters throughout with an

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cured by early extirpation although it fails of course to produce

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where it will be thrown out of the body. Exercise increases

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time it cannot be denied there is a solid substrat

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who is confronted by questions not in the laboratory

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as the descent of the testicle and neither in the description of the

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ception show that many of the catarrhal and inflamma

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New York. Fig. Ila was taken a year before treatment and Fig

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prevent the spread of the disease by means of loosened scales.

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The hogs have large heads and small hindquarters and seldom

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the iodoform and camphor solution. A complete solution

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injection of gelatinized serum a method of treatment much in vogue for haemorrhage.

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after the injection of India ink. The question as to how long the

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The second examination may be passed at the same time with the second

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Treatment. Cut them off with a knife or pair of scissors.

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speaking of his early visit to Canada. Returning to England

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It is always the same in catarrh the long series of interrupted

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that every time she ate cabbage or apples there was

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become affected. The disease is probably never limited to one joint

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It is notable how these patients will call for here