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capsulated effusion is of slight extent — merely a big blister

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become purulent, but are not originally pustules. Less constant characters

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ment of the first surgical chair in Dublin. Syphilis seems to

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In the tropics there are many brands of sterilized natural milk and these can

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All the voluntary muscles, however, are susceptible of undergoing a

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nervous element, relieving headache and fever, promoting diaphoresis, and

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free irrigation with normal salt solution, if septic. Drainage maybe

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Government conferred the Legion of Honour upon him after the battle at Le Cateau. He was

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our readiness to forget our little differences in the general move-

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chanical exploration and notice of the actions of respiration. A

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Usually the general health is good, but pains in various directions

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of the upper extremity of the ureters by exploratory

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personal acquaintance with private medical and obstetric practice. Instruction by examinations or

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should be cleansed with a soapsuds enema before administering

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to pregnancy. The two latter I have now to describe.

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