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by mea ns of an electric current or through intestinal dis
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One month later she became maniacal the mania going on to
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central canal or uterus which opens upon one of the margins about the
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formity. So universally recognized are the disadvantages
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Before referring to the specimens which are to be ex
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the drinking water must be boiled. The strictest discipline must be
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cells were for the most part deeply stained but the protoplasm
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separate themselves by a broad line of distinction from ignorant
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suftered. Chronic latent tuberculosis causes subtle impairment of
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disease. The military records of the seventeenth and eighteenth
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tirely expose the tumor. This dissection was somewhat dif
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Dr. Hickey then presented briefly for discussion the question
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tants by hospitals. Direct responsibility to and supervision
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furnish any specific character to the disease. When the dis
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To savo the pationt a sul se uont operation both anterior
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shortest cycle of development is from five to eight weeks.
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its termination the patient died the next morning being still fresh
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the former direct nothing but medicines that really exist
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of the same. Sarcoma originates generally in the submucosa
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solutelj necessary never request an anesthetic to be given to
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over exertion on hard roads blows bruises or freezing of
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to health. The drunkard after a carouse is generally quite fit
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The following measurements were recorded Age height in cm.
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tirely new influences domestic social educational and political minds
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anorexia general malaise headache profuse perspiration and pains in
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mass dilatation of the colon giving rise to accumulation relaxation
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to suggest or initiate treatment of any kind except by express permis
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amount of blood which is sent to the nerve centers in the brain.
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stant. She often complained of feeling wearied. She w as
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ously classed as St. Vitus s dance in Germany and as
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The coagulation time of the blood is well within the normal range
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called to Munich to the professorship of obstetrics a
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yet been fully determined. Opinion is still divided in regard to
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in the city had no secondt ry symptoms whatsoever up to the
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embryo still attached to a portion of the uterine wall was im
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cases that the teasing pains known as appendicular colic occur in which
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municated movements of the limb are restricted in all direc
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plates ill of blood is then obtained by combining the results
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use though a fixed dressing may be more convenient for
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tisol and determining the release of tritium by measuring
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gentle sleep which may extend over an hour the awakening also
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small oval opening of the cervical canal. In many of the
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the lamellse are the spaces known as lacunae the bone cor