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demography and give a critical handling of existing opinions

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although they vary considerably in position have neverthe

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to the disease for a longer or shorter period but not always. This

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be required in large doses to relieve the intolerable pain.

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tliree pupils are examined at a time during three quarters

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not been perforated and contained with the foreign matter an

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Board of Health of Ontario has been chiefly instru

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duced the same aspergillus flavescens or fumigatus.

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in meningitis seldom in tetany as a temporary symptom in the epileptic

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sometimes to be very virulent and sometimes not at all

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gery in the same university and also by my father Alan

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Symptoms. These consist mainlv in the alteraticm of the voice. It is

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Indeed postmortem records of some large city hospitals City Hospi

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ogy or by courses of four semester hours each in zoology and

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served. Pour over them a cup of whipped cream with the whites of

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considerable detail. In the institution with which the au

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comparisons and determine the average mortality for each

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exceeds the primary. In paralytic squint it is ditterent for

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was used for tluree or four days until I obtained a healthy

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heart confirms it seems to me this view. Until three

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ity with the exception of mastitis increases in direct pro

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lar tissue an o inion in which Dr. Sands concurred.

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and enlarged German edition with Additions. By Francis H. Stuart

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Saturday night he stopped work earlier than usual and indulged him

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a delicate longitudinal ridge formed by proliferation of the cells of the

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Mitral regurgitation itself may be differentiated by a systolic murmur

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prophylactic or in the treatment of spotted fever but on the contrary

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and preventing as far as possible the drainage of the

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able and there was no reason to suspect such infection.

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It might be said that in nearly every case subjected