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the circulation. In the type of case presenting signs of nutritional
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Paralysis agitans, or Parkinson's disease, is an affection
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for some reason, did not take treatment regularly and in patients
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having been endemic in these situations for a long period.
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exciting causes, which fact would go to show that there
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ments are able adequately to represent. These represent the
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^he medical signification of the term, and it may not be popularly considered
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become more numerous and coloured, with the appearance of a spleen
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As to the significance of casts, I have always held them to be
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age is afterwards maintained there is thereby given
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in the man still lives and works who by devising this treatment has
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case, I inferred especially from the phenomena produced by strychnia in a dog: in slighter
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or, as a consequence of pelvic peritonitis, it may become
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time it persisted for only three. This is not an unusual
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numerous theories advanced concerning its deleterious influences upon
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vous conditions known to give rise to albuminous urine ;
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instead of mollifying the itching the application produces a decided
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The parents of a family on Edisto Island had three children inoculated
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letters, he turned ou the gas to the fullest, lay down
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Dr. Smith as having more value as diagnostic signs than
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Abnormal fluctuations of temperature are not uncom-
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gence which pervades every part of this complicated
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lant fellow is living to bless that word, icait. It was at this time
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every sort of stimulant, and confine himself as strictly as possible
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more freedom and regularity. Now, when much acid exists in the sto-
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some importance, not with regard to the lungs only, but
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Myoidema Becoming Unfashionable. — Myoidema or muscle tremor,
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^nyulsions and death. This case proves that a patient is not always saved
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good English education, including mathematics, Eng-
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company present the night of the first inhalation of ether in Jefferson, for
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the joints are frequently found in cases of this disease. His experi-
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is, that there is a proneness to throw out exuberant granulations
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tissue. In the larger number of miliary tubercles, however, we do find a
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Senator, also Councillor, since which time he has de-
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other. Cutaneous sensibility is perfect everywhere. Retention of
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There are four main varieties of tumour present —
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* Synonyms. — Pestis vel Pestilentia, \oiji6q. Typhus bubonicus, Black death,
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who favoured the resolution said the object desired to be
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port " Burnside," now at this port, to Fort Hamilton, N. Y. H.,
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in the ventricles, they are as large as the parallel fibres : it is then very difiicult
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examination. Blood-corpuscles, usually much shrivelled, can generally be
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