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and sanitary cordons, pending' tlie period IVom 1st of April

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* Read before the McDowell Medical Society at its meeting

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derstood ? In the woodcut in Erichsen's last edition

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urine passed from March 2yrd to April 1st did not exceed

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In a case tried at the Liverpool Winter Assizes, 1847 {Reg. v. C™m™

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affected when it is most diseased, so we find that the cases in which there

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Here is abundant room for further developments in therapeutics.

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single, but extensive lesion, the recently healed, discoid, deep scar of which re-

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the tents. In this space are placed a table, chairs, refrigerator, &c.

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abstract form, without argument, and without reference to special

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taste, and freely soluble in water. It cont.iins nearly 60% of

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In Mikulicz's first case there was extensive destruction of the skin only.

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Three cases were gunshot-injuries, and no operation

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series of experiments and deductions, happily conceived, and phi-

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namely, the phosphate of ammonia and magnesia, the phosphate of lime, and

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for palliative measures. With regard to the use of opium to relieve pain,

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Wellington " was subject to fainting fits. He had epilepsv, and

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being ended, it has every prospect of a career in the future even more prosperous

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the more numerous are the capillaries to supply the increased demand

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Surgeon to the Western Dispensary for Diseases of the Skin.

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who touched a dead body, the Ptolemies themselves are

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society a circular requiring a full expression of opinion upon

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When cut, the dark blood streamed from the surfaces. The kidneys presented a daric slate

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bral hemorrhage or embolism in which autop^ had failed