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diminished or absent. The pulse respiration ratio is not affected in pleurisy
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The treatment in all these cases consists mainly in the
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of either cocaine per cent solution or of the formic
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inquiry that the memory is more or less treacherous the
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quite analogous to those seen from the use of smelling
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feolian harps. His entrance at the Medical School at Edinburgh
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mine whether it will have special value in the diar
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ted. We arc well aware of the difficulty of preparing such
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in the degradation of xanthines the isolation of a nucleotide not identic
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ment by newer modes of investigation by which the differ
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cardiac muscle and hence the mere restoration of the compensatory
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The idea that a changeable climate and exposure to it
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breaks out upon it here and there the mouth is cold
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quantity but assimilation was so defective that all the
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sive phase is relatively light and short can readily
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coneogenesis the utilization of glucose in the tissues ultimately becomes
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lesion there affecting those organs which acts directly by impinging
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Subcutaneous actinomycosis in cattle is not always confined to the
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feeling as if the heart were beating all over the body. Occasionally
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bourhood be a point from which the practice will continually
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animal passage the particular strain used for immunization being
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Medical Officer for District No. of the Norwich Union.
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ing a grass green solution. The powder is insoluble
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greatly aggravates the disease. In general spontaneous
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fication. The only comment called for by me is one of re
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ing as at first. It remained diminished in size for some time
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of the pancreas. His patient who sufTered with jaundice had on several
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plained of i eing faiut and dizzy and asked for water.
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washermen and even tradesmen as joiners and tailors
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Strong iodine was applied to seat of pain. Next day
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partly inactivated at the different pasteurizing temperatures water
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colouring matter of the blood corpuscles is dissolved and a dirty
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five drachms lard four ounces spirits of turpentine
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nearly every case but they produce perfect articula
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The patients of the first class are constitutionally
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persistent house visiting they had endeavoured to wear down
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mortem. This increase in the volume of the lungs as we shall show
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through inflammatory extension of the disease and is then situated
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and man. Although the writer has not made counts upon other
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In four of the cases there was a periarthritis. A bacteriological examina
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respecting the application of the provident principle to medical
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proportions of paralysis we find th at age has a most powerful
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one per cent for all cases received and a morbidity that