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ment. Cold bathing and water drinking are of the greatest service
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Difficulties however may arise. Should the pups not
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from pains in the back precordium etc. Examination of
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capillary bronchitis and the catarrhal pneumonia attending it
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the country. This was therefore carefully considered
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Surgical Operations in the Daiev Papers. Since medicine and
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in the hands of expert observers x ray examination has
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No attention appears to be paid to the Orders relative to Glanders and
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which he has illustrated the nature and treatment of congestive
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was clearly upset by the delays in producing his article and
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does Dr. Ashmead offer that the evidence tendered by the represent
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in those cases in which the disease develops in connection with
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relaxes the bowels sufficiently and if not no aperient should be administered
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district. Then he would be authorised to take all routine steps such
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and for reflection after meals which is so well marked in
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of their pathogenic action for the different species of animals
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and violent cough which are removed by passing the nitrate of
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Strain Serum c c of Dilution. Was Absorbed by the Growth of Large
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