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The kidneys and bladder may pour out their irritating contents,

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neys, via : The constant loss of albumen by transudation through the capillaries and

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City Free Dispensary, and New and Well- Equipped Laboratories, all under the exclusive control of the

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Case '22. — February, 1908: Mrs. H., aged 28; retroversion and prolapse of ovaries since

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from preventable causes of disease which the welfare of the

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travasation. If it take place gradually, apo[)lexy is not induced, and if it be

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denum, the gall bladder, the pancreas, the kidneys, the

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wasted. The heart hypertrophies and is thus enabled

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and which, it is obvious, is always uppermost in his mind —

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aggravated this condition. No pain at this time. A few months

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chain drive to a Crowell pressure blower, which, however, is

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dried sputum. The thermal death-point for tubercle bacilli in milk is

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the skin over them is innervated by the anterior crural.

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This addition to the Oxford Medical Publications may be

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To social workers the important point is that these

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cholia, insomnia, dyspnoea, vertigo, dimness of vision,

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Official List of Changes of Stations and Duties of Officers

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