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special examination will last at least twenty minutes.

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Clinic, course of Operative Surgery, course of Operative Midwifery.

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Burnstine, Marcus David, s, a, w, sp, Columbus, Ohio. A.B. (Ohio State U.) '36.

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the cord is wholly unfavorable unless there is a possibility of operative treat-

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present we by no means possess, but we know at least the distribution of the

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sary that a candidate pursue his studies at Geneva, but he may do so if

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affected side, or even entirely absent. However, further investigations must

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The winter aession at the OoUege commences in November, the summer session

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Materia Medica, Pathology, in April or July, £5 5s. ; total, £18 17s.

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this view, because experiment and clinical observation indicate with increas-

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Examination for Pharmacists — PreUminary : (1) Native Geography,

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justice, and they have acquired such familiarity with the law and with legal

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7^. Vitamin Bi2* This vitamin is essential for normal fat metabolism.

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Ashworth, Glenn, a, w, sp, Morgantown, W.Va. A.B. (West Virginia U.) '32; S.B.

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Prizes: The examination for these takes place at the close of each

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If Graefe's sign be present, the eyeball is lowered more than the upper lid, so

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Medicine and Clinical Surgery — courses of the same duration as those

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be habitual, the excess at any one time need not be at all large. We often

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years, is given every second year alternately with the Musgpx)ve scholar-

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The correct answer i^ Destination and surx-ei 1 lance insoection

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symptoms as " asthenic bulbar paralysis." We must, however, note that the

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year. The latter privilege will be granted to students from other colleges and

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of polyneuritic paralysis, in contradistinction to poliomyelitic paralysis.

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the internal treatment. Salt baths or artificial carbonic-acid baths may be

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of fellows and honorary members. The f ellovrs must be alumni of

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these cases the special nature of the " neuralgic disease " is still very obscure.

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a bilateral paralysis of all the external ocular muscles progresses with extreme

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times in severe infectious diseases " meningitie " symptoms may appear which