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ing of the accident the temperature rose to ioo but in the
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the author American Journal of the Medical eieneenj July .
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adhesions were in several instances heard and felt to tear.
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highest degree of passion and in my fury I seized a small stick
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During coitus there is always a turgescence and hyper
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obstruction. In this position the iliac contents would
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respiration remarkably irregular sweats break out the skin is cold
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these should come to the surface during an operation
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rads the thyroid suprarenal and pituitarv Tn vW nf n
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of the wound become unhealthy or the seat of fungous granulations.
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elected a member of the Association. The annual fee of member
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their full value as means of early diagnosis and indicators for therapeutic
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diagnosis but a negative result may be expected early
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chaife in the night and obliged to walk two or three miles in
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sensitive functions of the visual apparatus to which
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When a pleural effusion exists there may be associated either one
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tions as a nutriment and that preserved mother s milk
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but if the intestine be perforated by any disease we not unfrequendy
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that this is wrong. The result of this practice is that we
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the vaccine virus were observed to be not afterwards liable to be
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sented by a scar over the right occiput while on the left
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grooves. These have been made either of hard rubber
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Registrar and Prof of Med Jurisprudence and Hygiene
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felt apparently normal but the tumour prevented any examina
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the lens for a period of twenty years without producing cataract
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the organs appeared healthy. The bladder was compressed