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By Frederick Holme Wiggin, M. D., of New York County . 302
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desire of escape. Barney saw he could outsail the General Monk, and
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genitals, wrists, and other parts, and for the most part progress unfavour-
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neum must inevitably be opened where amputation was
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plete a record of the effects of the poison as one found related in
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I introduce to you this evening, as the first speaker, who will deliver
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flat, waterlogged country lying along the foot of moun-
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to distinguish between an empyema with or without a pulmonary
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be cured in the first stage by the use of baths, and a milk and
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This is the amount used at each injection. Two injections are given
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whereby they are enabled to reproduce themselves with a
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the patient's life was not only useless but a burden to him we
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wherever the like circumstances tend to engender them, but which,
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fifteen- to thirty-minim range of the Pharmacopoelal liquid extract Is practically
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* Quoted from Williams's Piinciples of Medicine, page 84.
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treatment to the manifest injury of their patients, or else blindly embrace
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tating the sufiTerer from taking rest. (See Rheumatism).
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dans les aliments sur la formation du ciil. [Abstr.]
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that have survived, of the tetanoid symptoms belonging to epidemic men-
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experience iu the dead-house, but of observations by Chauvcau, Marey, and others,
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vagina of every pregnant woman who has not been touched,
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The exudation and fibrin present on the surface of the peritoneum
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to a scarlet fever ward on mere suspicion, excited by fear of the Notification
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cases proved fatal. In many cases, however, paralysis ajritans,
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gauze bandage to hold the rest of the dressing snugly.
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ness on percussion over lungs ; but sibilant and sonorous rales are heard at the base
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3. Pediatrics is taught to both Seniors and Juniors.
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the organs of sense, and especially of the skin. The latter is often
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sometimes (but I think less frequently) epilepsy and
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the ossicles, alters the labyrinthine pressure, and causes
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system was much lowered, bears out the observation of Da Costa, that in