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physician is often misled in having known the patient since birth.

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The Pathology and Treatment of Cicatricial Contraction of

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person inoculated by his method after being bitten by a rabid animal

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a topic of discussion among many of the leading rectal men of America

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of the nasal mucous membrane for which he consulted

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implication that our own little patients will look as badly if they are

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violent physical exertion or violent coughing may cause a rupture of one of

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of functional organization preferring instead to follow area or territorial lines

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cataract in a neat little case which is very handy.

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tempts have been made in our medical schools to include

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articles in the bazaars and the artful tricks and negligence of

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made to utilize all oxygen within reach of the blood. The subject

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with undoubted congenital syphilis. A common finding in