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into the closest relations with European statistics.
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and right ventricle b between septum of auricles and
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separated as a unit from a number of different anatomical conditions which
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Do we really rival the Chinese in callousness to infant
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tenderness now and then at the pit of the stomach. The bowels are
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and that there is a physical basis for precocity on the
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patients which are to be saved from all severe exertion should
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tional disturbances with chills fever etc. all inevitably associated
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stained a deep bright blue. This reaction possesses the advantage of being
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ing remissions sometimes the typus inversus is observed. In
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so. There was only a slight discharge ihrougli llie tub gt until the
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of a simple ulcer. In most cases death occurs with the symptoms of
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longer averaging between five and six veal s but the
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practical value as indicating the real frequency of gall
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strong conviction of the necessity of training teachers in
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This may be supplied in the act of vomiting. An occasional emetic
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tant factors in the development of the dental profession.
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ticularly at the second left costal cartilage and is probably of no moment.
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thread either interruptedly or continuously the ends ot the
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replaced by fat thus causing a degeneration of the muscular
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use and wont and tradition still play unduly prominent parts
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Treatment will depend largely upon the form of the disease re
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Measles in the Philippines is ordinarily a very mild
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Acute simple pharyngitis occurring as a sporadic disease or as the anatom
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animals and the horse endeavor to remove the contents of the
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in a brawny looking inflamed mass about four inches
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Bright noted this when he made his first observations on fatty stools.
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exist either singly or iu combination they must greatly in
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various views as to the resulting clinical picture some stating that the
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incoordinated resembling ataxia or chorea. Even the mimic movements may
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This condition occurs frequently about the first establishment of
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ill l corpuscles or by a quickening in the rate of evo
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thing depends upon the premises. It is for failing to recognize or
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cating the people on sanitary matters and especially in